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Tower Eye Services is an international security company that provides security and security related services in the United Kingdom and United States of America. Tower Eye is recognised and licensed by the Georgia Board of Private detectives and security agencies.  

Tower Eye boasts of its unique ability to provide very dependable and satisfactory services, with its top management team bringing on boards years of experience obtained from working in the security environment for over 20 years, obtaining a lot of security related training both in the UK and USA. This training and experience has been passed on to our work force thereby ensuring we provide an extremely good and satisfactory service to our clients.



Tower Eye Services is an Atlanta Georgia based security service company that provides several all-inclusive security solutions. We offer top-quality and highly trained security guards to deliver premium security services.

Private Security Services

We offer tailored security services after a complete assessment of the involved threats. You can hire our uniformed agents to deter vandalism, burglary and theft. Secure your house, office and businesses from criminal activities and threats you and your employees may be susceptible to. Our highly trained and skilled agents go the extra mile to provide safety.

Corporate Security Services

Corporate buildings; banks, offices, museums, corporate headquarters, parks, shopping centers and malls are more exposed to criminal activities. Therefore, we offer potent security policies, safety protocols and procedures that have been proven worthwhile. Our security guards are provided with upgraded and licensed weapons for complete safety.

Mobile Patrols

Anywhere where static coverage may not be sufficient, our mobile security services come in handy. This supportive security service offers random yet strategic patrolling around a specific property usually after it is unoccupied. Our efficient patrolling officers respond to the alarms immediately when it is activated. Moreover, our officers remove unauthorized people from the property.

Armed Guard Services

Our armed guard services can protect you and your property efficiently. We have specialized security guards, provided with licensed armor, trained to perform their duties under special and normal circumstances. The security guards can even detain people who cause problems on their designated site and search for carrying out weapons or tools.

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Your security is our responsibility! We have been in service for 20 years now and have provided security to hundreds of corporate sectors, individuals, and properties. We believe in delivering only the best services.

Get in touch with our customer support to get your desired services now. We are available 24/7 online to respond to your queries and assign you the security services you want.

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