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01 Private Security

Crimes take place on daily a basis. There’s no known solution to avoid such events but to take security measures that can protect one from irrevocable damage. Seeking security is the only means to lessen the damage caused by the negative entities in society since everyone experiences security breaches every day. Crimes cannot be completely eradicated, however, one can seek refuge by taking timely action and lessen the security problem.

The most effective way is to obtain private security services and decrease the risk to one’s life and property.
We have the best officers that lead the pack and provide you the most reliable private security services. our security guards are exceptionally experienced and highly trained and include both retired and off-duty law military and enforcement recruits. These officers have unmatched skills to face any unpredictable situation and provide safety at their own lives’ expense.

02 Corporate Security

The safety and security of the corporate personnel are the utmost priority of a corporation. Certain entities may tend to damage the corporation’s reputation by harming the VIPs and the only solution is to seek early protection from any sudden security threat. Tower Eye Services provides premium and reliable corporate security services via professionally trained staff. Our agents are trained to provide fool-proof security while you carry on with your corporate work without worrying about safety.

Our guards put their 100% effort to provide you peace of mind and ensure the safety of your corporation, VIPs, and other executive individuals. They assimilate into your provided security plan and target security issues with patience, competence, and poise. We devise a security plan that seamlessly addresses the safety concerns with discretion. Resultantly, your corporation and personnel feel safe and sound. Trust our services and we’ll deliver the best protection to you.

03 Armed Guarding

Sensitive buildings, educational institutes, homes, hotels, hospitals, and even financial institutions require armed security services for safety. Our services are available to provide every protocol demanded by the client. Our guards and bouncers are laced with the latest collection of ordnance and are trained to provide protection even under the most critical situations.

Our staff is enhanced and equipped with the best arms so you can feel safe anywhere, anytime. We are committed to providing the best guards in their field that have years of experience. The arms they carry are thoroughly checked and are well-maintained. The guards are trained to work with their arms and carry out their duty without hesitation. All the weapons are kept under license so there is no room left for the client to worry.

04 Mobile Patrols

For many business and property owners, mobile patrolling is a safe, budget-friendly, and reliable option. Commercial properties, construction sites, residential communities, and parking lots can equally benefit from this service. Tower Eye is proud to provide the best patrolling services that meet your needs around the clock.

Any business that seeks site-wide security can count on our guards that provide the most robust and best mobile patrol services. Customized as per your needs and budget our services provide a high level of protection to your people, property, and any targeted location irrespective of the time. We offer protection against any criminal activity that you suspect at your property, locking and unlocking facility at any specific time of the day, and deployment of security officials at the site.

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